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we propose a variety of electric guitars on request

Electrics: Products


Electric guitar mixing design from two icons of the 50's the explorer and the fluying V. Mahogany construction, Lance Alumitone pickups and custom pickguard.

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Flying V junior

A compleat custom of a junior version of a 58 fluying vee

Electrics: Gallery

Flying V 59 clone

Full korina guitar with 2 Rio Grande pickups

Electrics: Gallery

335 revisited

My take on the famous "335" with some major changes: Korina neck and center beam, elongated neck at the body.

Electrics: Gallery


One of my favorite designs of all times with some changes: 24 frets and special tailpiece

Electrics: Gallery

Hollow body bass

Made with 2 powerful pickups for the 60's sound this bass have a korina neck and rim.

Electrics: Gallery

Left handed double neck

Double neck with Stetbar vibrato and slide neck, Korina construction. Mirror tree of life fingerboards. Custom electronic with one 5 position for selecting necks and pickups. Fun fact: the necks are carved from one single Korina piece.

Electrics: Gallery
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