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Harp guitars

All our harp guitars can be made on request with endless modifications on number of strings, shape, scales and much more!

Harp guitars: Products

Okada's Harp Guitar "White Crane"

Custom made of Okadasan this harp guitar have 8 basses: E', F', F'#, G', A', B', C# and D. 13 diatonic Trebles from c' to a'''.
The top is Canadian red Cedar and the back and sides French walnut. Ebony fingerboard with peach bloom inlay at the 12th fret. And it's amplified with Pick Up the World piezo and Shatten Design preamp.

Harp guitars: Gallery


Meaning the son of the Eagle, been a smallest version of he 6 Octaves Eagle harp guitar. This harp guitar have 7 basses tuned from E' to D and 12 trebles tuned from e'' to b'''. The top is bear-claws Sitka from Canada and Honduras Mahogany body and neck. Ebony fan fret fingerboards,bridges with mahogany decoration and solid ebony armrest

Harp guitars: Gallery

Knutsen inspired Harp Guitar

Inspired on the amazing instruments of Kris Knutsen from the beginning of the twentieth century this harp guitar have the vintage look of his instruments and even some of his original ideas: heel-less neck, treble strings bank and lower boot point. As well for decoration I used rope binding and mahogany cap under treble tuners and bass head. But the features are modern: 1/10 Richard banjo tuners, Gotoh guitar tuners and embedded violin fine tuners on the treble bridge, titanium double action truss ord. Sitka top and mahogany body and neck wit ebony fingerboard.

Harp guitars: Gallery

Hirokatsu Takai personnel instrument

I had the privilege to design and built this instrument for my friend the late Hirokatsu Takai. Name King Gojira by him in homage of the 1960's Sci-Fi Japanese movies. This beast have 12 metal koto strings tuned pentatonic, 7 harp strings over a fretless fingerboard for cello effects , 6 guitar strings with 24 frets and small magnetic pickup, 11 trebles strings tuned from a' to d'''. Both neck are floating and adjustable. 4 separates piezos output with internal preamps.

Harp guitars: Gallery


Nylon string harp guitars inspired by early 1900's Genova harp guitars of the virtuoso era. 7 basses and 29(!) frets rosewood body and European spruce top. Pegheds 1/4 ratio fake wooded pegs and Truitt levers

Harp guitars: Gallery

Eagle 6

Inspired by the Aquila of Mozzani this harp guitar has 6 octaves. The basses are tuned from B'' to A', the neck has 7 strings on a fan fingerboard and 1 trebles tuned up to b'''. Mahogany body with Sitka top. Ebony fingerboard and bridges. Gotoh 510 tuners and Camac levers.

Harp guitars: Gallery


21 strings 5 full octaves, rosewood body, Sitka top. Ebony fingerboard and bridges. Custom made tuners by Rubner and Truitt levers.

Harp guitars: Gallery


The first adaptation I did from the Mozzani harp guitar with 21 strings, French walnut body and European spruce top. Custom inlays art deco

Harp guitars: Gallery

Mozzani 2

This new version have 15 treble strings tune from e' to e'''. The body is made of Honduras mahogany and the top is cedar

Harp guitars: Gallery

Mozzani 3

Inspired by another great Mozzani instrument, this instrument has 8 basses to accommodate a low D' and 11 trebles up to A''', making it 5 octaves 3/4. French walnut body and Canadian cedar top. Ebony bridges and fingerboard with at deco inlay. Custom made Rubner tuners and Truitt levers.

Here are two video samples played by the great Claude Laflamme

Harp guitars: Gallery

Hybrid harp guitar

A nylon bass and guitars strings with thin metal strings. Mahogany body with cedar top, rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Pergead 1/4 tuners and Truitt levers. The 11 trebles are tuned from e'' to a'''

Harp guitars: Gallery

7 basses harp guitar 18"

A nice and round harp guitar with 7 basses. Rosewood body and Sitka top. Pegheds 1/16 tuners and Truitt levers.

Harp guitars: Gallery

Skull and crossbones

Who said that harp guitars have to be serious? This harp guitar not only have a distinctive hard-rock look but as well 12 chromatic basses. Rosewood body with European spruce top and a mix of metallic basses and nylon trebles.

Harp guitars: Gallery

Partially fretless harp guitar

This instrument is made for playing Indian music. The two additional guitar strings are tune exactly like the next 2 ones BUT fretless (except a second fret to change key from D to E) DADAdgad' the tuning of the basses as well can be change one full tone to change key too. The treble strings have a little fingerboard like a Stoessel laute to finger sharps notes. Ganesha head on the heastock and peghead tuners

Harp guitars: Gallery

Nordic harp guitar

With a Norwegian flavor this harp guitar have 6 basses and fantastic French walnut back. Gotoh 510 tuners with custom buttons. Dakar head inlay

Harp guitars: Gallery

Dadgad harp guitar

Made specially for playing Dadgad music this harp guitar has 8 basses with a low D'. French walnut body and European spruce top. Art deco inlays on head and fingerboard.

Harp guitars: Gallery
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