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we propose a variety of harps wirestrung and nylon/guts

harps: Products

28 strings Ash wire harp with levers

Art deco inspired harp with 28 Phosphor bronze strings and levers

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Maple wire strung harp 28 strings

This wire strung harp has 28 strings from E to d'''. Code colored buttons for the tuners (ebony for F, bois de rose for C and cherry-wood for the rest) this tuners are 1/14 ratio for easy tuning. Split head to prevent lateral deformation and traditional hardwood top for sound.

harps: Gallery

30 strings wire harp

A modern approach of the clarsarch wire harp from Ireland. This harp have 30 strings who can be all wire or 6 wound basses and the rest wire (Phosphor bronze). The head is split to prevent lateral distortion and the custom made tuners makes the tuning really simple. Tuning E to d'''

harps: Gallery
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