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Acoustic guitars made at the shop

we propose a variety of acoustic guitars

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Abaji's Double neck guitar

This instrument is made to beall in one: Oud guitar, C sus 4 tuned guitar with the possibility to bow metal strings. Made of Tamarin wood from India.

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8 strings acoustric folk guitar

Tuned G#'B'EAdgbe' this guitar has a Narra body with spruce top, viennese floating neck and fan frets

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12 strings American way 1920's

A personal version of the Stella 12 strings with adjustable neck à la Viennese, rosewood body and Adirondack top

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French style steel string guitar

A personal version of the favored steel string guitar used by many singers on the 50's in France, Rosewood body, strings trought bridge and adjustable floating neck

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Viennese 7 strings guitar

Heavily influenced by the Viennese school of guitar making with floating neck, internal body rod and double back, this guitar is made of rosewood with a European spruce top

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Bird of Paradise

I always loved the idea of a big jazz box with a resonator, this si my version of it, 17" body made of maple, maple neck and National resonator 9.5". P90 with volume and tone

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The Wood

7 courses oud guitar can be tuned A'DAdgad', B'EAdgse' or B'EAdgc'f' Cypress body with cedar top ebony fingerboard. Floating neck to make action adjustment easy. Rubner custom made tuners. Titanium double action trussrod.

Acoustics: Gallery
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