we propose a variety of harps wirestrung and nylon/guts


28 strings Ash wire harp with levers

Art deco inspired harp with 28 Phosphor bronze strings and levers


Maple wire strung harp 28 strings

This wire strung harp has 28 strings from E to d'''. Code colored buttons for the tuners (ebony for F, bois de rose for C and cherry-wood for the rest) this tuners are 1/14 ratio for easy tuning. Split head to prevent lateral deformation and traditional hardwood top for sound.


30 strings wire harp

A modern approach of the clarsarch wire harp from Ireland. This harp have 30 strings who can be all wire or 6 wound basses and the rest wire (Phosphor bronze). The head is split to prevent lateral distortion and the custom made tuners makes the tuning really simple. Tuning E to d'''


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